Ten Reasons to Buy From Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions

When it comes to reasons to buy window shutters, there are many. Our experts put together this list of top 10 reasons to buy window treatments to remind you of all the things to keep in mind. Explore this list and find out why the shutter company you purchase your window treatments from matters.

The single most important factor in buying window treatments is the company you choose. The quality of the product, follow-up, warranty, and installation are all dependent on the quality of the company you select. Take into account the following:

  • Longevity – It’s always best to deal with a company that can prove its reputation through a long list of satisfied customers. Not all companies are created equal.
  • Size – Smaller companies simply lack the buying power to provide you with a competitive price. Plus, they can’t afford the cost to research and develop new products.



The warranty itself should cover both the product’s materials and the labor to build and install the window treatment. And get it in writing. No matter how great the guarantee sounds, if the company goes out of business, it will be worthless. That’s why it’s so important to do business with a company that has an established reputation and is large enough to stick around for a long time.



In order to get an accurate quote, a skilled estimator should come to your residence and take precise window measurements. Any company that gives you a cost over the phone is doing so just to entice you. Almost without exception, the cost will go up when they actually come out to your house.



When buying shutters, make sure you deal with the company that actually builds the shutters. This assures that you will get accurate answers and timely responses. It also assures you of factory-direct prices. Additionally, our primary factory is located in Wausau, Wisconsin and our products are Made in the USA.



The installation of your window treatment is just as important as the quality of the product. This is especially true of shutters, which are much more difficult to install than other window treatments. Most shutter companies use subcontractors to install their shutters. Using a company that does its own installation ensures that one company will be responsible for everything. This increases accountability and allows the company to carefully monitor every step of the process.



There are many choices when considering new window treatments. Pick a treatment and a finish that you know will last. Consider the recommendations of your design consultant and utilize their expertise. Realize that some trends go out of style more quickly than others. Traditional treatments like shutters can often outlast design trends.



Don’t get caught by the price games many window treatment companies play. Many like to tout the lowest cost per square foot, but they charge extra for frames or add-ons that you end up needing. In the end, they’re really not a bargain.



There are varying levels of product quality. While there are thousands of treatments you can put in your window, there is one rule about product quality: you get what you pay for. Poor quality and craftsmanship will always cost less than good quality and craftsmanship. Beware of vendors who tell you their products are just as good as Sunburst’s but cost less. There’s no magical formula for delivering a lower price; it simply comes by offering lower quality. When it comes to shutters, beware of shutters made from hollow materials, vinyl, or wrapped coatings. For blinds and shades, be sure to check the quality of the cords and the strength of the seams. Typically, better quality products have more options. Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions prides itself on offering top quality products. Whether you are looking for blinds, shades, draperies, or our top of the line Polywood Shutters, Sunburst delivers the best.



Besides carefully considering the material, a savvy buyer also needs to scrutinize the construction of the product. For blinds and shades, inspect the headrail for strength and rigidity. For shutters, ask about features like tension pins that ensure the louvers remain tight, stainless steel staples with epoxy coating that are nearly impossible to pull out, and paint finishes that are baked on to withstand heat and moisture.



All window treatment companies claim to have the best product. For this reason, choose a company that uses independent testing to verify its claims. Treatments should be tested for durability, heat resistance, fading, cracking, and insulation properties.

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