Signs You Need Interior Shutters In Your Home

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Uncomfortable home temperatures, bad lighting, and having to regularly replace your window treatments are all signs that you might need interior plantation shutters. Just like you should think about a new roof if you constantly experience a leaky ceiling, you should think about installing interior plantation shutters if you’re experiencing some of these signs.

Sign #1 – You Can Never Get Your Home To a Comfortable Temperature

No matter where in the country you live, from coast to coast, your home is subject to the local climate. During a Houston summer, your house may be sweltering. Or a Minnesota winter could turn your home into a two-story igloo. Either way, the reason your home isn’t a comfortable temperature is likely to be insufficient window insulation.

Interior plantation shutters, specifically Polywood® faux wood shutters, can help you regulate your home temperature all year-round, due to their patented insulating material, solid construction, and seamless design that creates a perfect seal on your windows. An independent study has shown Polywood shutters to be 70% more energy efficient than comparable wood shutters, and can block up to 30 degrees of temperature difference in your home.

Sign #2 – You Can Never Get The Right Lighting In Your Home

If your home is always just a little too bright or a tad too dim, you need to think about a better functioning window treatment.

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Most window treatments like shades or drapes have two positions: open or closed. That means light control is “all or nothing,” making your home either too bright or too dim. With interior shutters however, you have a full range of motion from the louvers that can let in the exact amount of light you want at the angle you want.

Shutters are a homeowner’s best friend in a sunroom, great room, living room, or any space with windows on multiple walls.

#3 – You Find Yourself Regularly Replacing Your Window Treatments

One of the biggest downsides of cheaper window treatments is their short lifespan. Aluminum blinds get bent and tangled incredibly easily, ruining the whole set. Drapes can fade out, fray or tear, and even stain due to pets. Roman shades can wrinkle and lose their shape when exposed to humidity, as well as easily stain or discolor.

All those styles of window treatment also tend to go out of fashion fairly quickly. For example, vertical blinds were all the rage a few years back, but in modern homes are almost nowhere to be found. They’ve gone completely out of style.

Plantation shutters don’t suffer from either of those issues. They’re far and away the most durable and resilient window treatment on the market, and can last for decades on end. What’s more, shutters are timeless, having been one of the most popular window treatments in homes around the country for over a century. From rustic Craftsman homes to ultra-modern style homes, interior shutters make windows look classy.

How Many Signs Do You See?

If you’re experiencing one or more of these signs, you might want to have a talk with us. Get in touch with your local Sunburst Shutters store by calling 877-786-2877 or fill out the contact form below for a free consultation.

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