Customize Your Sliding Barn Doors With Hardware

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Sliding barn doors and barn door shutters add a beautiful aesthetic to your home with their simplicity, texture, and warmth. And with so many options in barn door hardware, styles, colors, and finishes, you can get a customized barn door that complements your style.

At first, customizing your barn door with the right hardware might feel overwhelming. But it is easier than you think – and a lot of fun. Just follow the steps below. Whether your style is contemporary, rustic, shabby chic, industrial, or modern, there’s a barn door that’s perfect for your home.

1. Decide On The Style Of The Barn Door

Modern Sliding Barn Door Home Office Library Loft Upgrade

Before you begin customizing your door, you need to decide how you want your barn door to fit into your room. Do you want your barn door to pop out and be the main artistic feature of the room or a more subdued accent that adds a special touch? Would you rather have your door painted white for a crisp look or stain the wood to bring in warmth?

Matching your barn door to your home’s style ties your furniture, décor, and barn door together. We offer two lines of barn doors – Traditional and Rustic – to go with your home’s style. If you have a modern home with clean lines and lots of empty space choose a sleek, barn door from our Traditional line. If your home is more shabby chic and features distressed wood then a wooden barn door from our Rustic line would look stunning. Once you’ve chosen a style, select the color and finish you like.

2. Pick Track Color and Wheels

Rustic Wood Sliding Barn Door Track Color and Wheels Modern Room DIvider

After you decide on the barn door style and color, it’s time to choose your track color and wheels. You can choose from three dark track colors including dark bronze, flat black, and raw steel. The dark bronze has a brownish tint which works well with rustic barn doors. The other colors are more black and complement modern barn doors.  Black is also basic enough to fit most door styles and colors.

Dark bronze track color for sliding barn doors  Flat black track color for sliding barn doors Raw steel track color for sliding barn doors

Wheel options include black nylon, metal, and metal convex. Convex wheels are thicker while concave wheels give a sleeker look.

Black nylon wheel option for sliding barn doors  Metal wheel option for sliding barn doors  Metal convex wheel option for sliding barn doors

Decide On Hardware

White closet barn door in white bedroom

The barn door hardware you choose is a small detail that becomes the finishing touch to your door.  The hanger’s purpose is to attach the sliding barn door to the track. A top-mount hanger attaches the barn door to the track from the top of the door. This way you don’t see the hanger on the front of the door, only the solid wood panel. Face-mount hangers places the hanger over the wood. All barn door hangers come in both mini and standard sizes.  Mini hangers are best for smaller doors, especially those that are made to go over windows.

Face-mounted mini arrow hanger on white sliding barn door Face-mounted stainless steel hanger on wooden sliding barn door Top mounted hanger for wooden sliding barn door

4. Choose Your Pulls

Brown sliding barn door in entry hallway

The final hardware detail for your sliding barn door is the pulls. Adding pulls to your barn door gives you extra control over sliding them and adds texture. You can choose from modern, industrial, and flush styles of pulls.  A pull is not a must, but in most applications it is very helpful.

Mid-Century black pull on red sliding barn door Falcon black pull on stained wooden sliding barn door Dark flush pull on stained wooden sliding barn door

Contact Your Local Store To Customize Your Barn Door

Are you ready to start customizing your barn door or would you like to talk to a professional for some more design advice? Then contact your local store for a free in-home consultation. They’ll bring all of the barn door samples and give you their expert advice on what type of barn door you should install in your home. They’ll walk you through the buying process and then build the door and install it for you so that you have a beautiful, custom barn door.

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