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As we think about Flag Day, we think about patriotism. We love “Made in America.” Sunburst Shutters strives to offer as many products that are made in America as possible. So you don’t have to wonder anymore: “Are Polywood shutters made in America?” Every Polywood® Shutter is made right here in the United States of America, even during this time when it seems like more products are being made overseas. Sunburst Shutters believes that America can still produce the greatest quality products. Polywood is one of them.

All Polywood shutters are made in America—every part and every process. Some shutter companies claim theirs are made in America, but they buy parts from overseas and assemble them here.

Polywood uses a special material that was developed right here in the U.S.A. It’s is a solid product with the look and feel of wood but offers superior strength and insulates up to 70% better than wood. Polywood Shutters are the best shutters on the market; they will add beauty and value to your home while providing protection from heat, light and noise. It’s no wonder that more than 6 million Polywood shutters have been sold across the world, yet they were extruded, painted, built and assembled right here in America.

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