Award-Winning Interior Designers Love Using Sunburst Shutters

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Sunburst Shutters’ products aren’t just the top choice for homeowners across the country – they’re also the favorite window treatments of some of the best interior designers as well. One designer who we’ve had the pleasure of knowing is Jane Cunningham of Room Resolutions, a celebrated and award-winning interior designer based in Las Vegas who creates designs for homes and commercial spaces around the world.

Interior designer Jane Cunningham receives the ANDYZ award.

Photo courtesy of American Society of Interior Designers.

Jane’s most recent accolades came from the American Society of Interior Decorators, as she received the ANDYZ award for Best Multiple Commercial Spaces for her work in the Providence Master Planned Community.

Providence Master Planned Community multifunction room with plantation shutter partitions.

Photo courtesy of Room Resolutions.

Polywood Shutters Elevate A Design

Jane’s work on the Providence design exemplifies her style: bringing form and function together in a whole new way. One of the most striking features is the use of Sunburst’s own Polywood® Plantation Shutters as a space partition.

“Since Providence is right on the water, Polywood shutters are something we wanted to put on the windows to give a coastal feel. The client wanted divider walls to section off the rooms, so using that thought, we wanted to incorporate that aesthetic inside,” Jane explains. “Now we have something that’s extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing.”

And it wasn’t just their looks that made these shutters a great choice as a partition. Polywood is incredibly durable and won’t chip, warp, or split, making it perfect for the regular movement they’d undergo. Polywood shutters will also never yellow or discolor, unlike many materials on the market. And when closed, the shutters provide great noise blocking between rooms – a must for a space like this.

Why Interior Designers Choose Sunburst

Since starting Room Resolutions in 2004, Jane Cunningham has exclusively chosen Sunburst for all her clients’ shutter needs.

“I love that the products are made in the US, and that they can handle wear and harsh weather. So no matter where in the country my clients are, they can use them,” says Jane. And she knows about what it takes to withstand harsh weather – from growing up in New Hampshire to living in Hawaii and on to Las Vegas, not to mention her client base around the country.

Her reason for staying with Sunburst Shutters speaks to her design philosophy and her clients’ needs: “Putting a design together has two sides = it has to perform its function and has to be aesthetically pleasing. With Sunburst you get energy efficiency, the beautiful aesthetic look to go with that, no warping from weather, and longevity to go with all those benefits.”

Jane and her colleagues in the design world also choose Sunburst for another important reason: trust.

“I absolutely love to design, but more important to me is connecting with people and building that trust together. Our clients put so much trust in us, being able to tell my clients I have Sunburst on my team is extremely important to me.”

Innovative Design With Sunburst

Continuing on her path of creative, award-winning designs, Jane plans to keep implementing Sunburst Shutters and other window treatment products in new and unique ways.

“I’d love to do more designs like Providence – bringing that usual shutter aesthetic into interior locations,” she explained.

Jane and Room Resolutions will keep creating stylish, eye-catching designs using Sunburst products for her clients across the country. To see more of her work, visit the Room Resolutions website.

If you’re a designer, homeowner or in between and want to know more about how Sunburst Shutters can help you innovate your design palette, call us at 877-786-2877.

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