bay window shutters

Bay Window Shutters

Bay windows have come a long way since they were a part of nearly every Victorian style house. But one thing hasn’t changed: bay windows still look and function best when paired with the perfect window treatment. That perfect window treatment for bay windows is shutters. See how interior shutters can give you the best form and function from your bay windows.

Give Your Bay Windows The Treatment They Deserve
Whether your bay windows are a small nook in the corner of a bedroom, or the centerpiece of your living room, plantation shutters help bring out all the style and utility of your unique windows. Shutters let you maximize your privacy, or enjoy the full view of your bay windows. Maybe best of all, shutters don’t need special rails or rods to hang above or beside your bay windows. Eliminate the hassle of blinds, shades, and drapes that sway and need constant adjustment.


We offer top of the line bay window shutters in our following lines:

  • Polywood® - Our premier shutter line. Patented Polywood material offers the longest-lasting, most energy-efficient window treatment available.
  • Ovation® - Natural wood shutters built from real basswood that bring natural beauty indoors.
  • Reclaimed Wood - Repurposed timber from across the country, refinished and turned into shutters, adding rustic charm to your space.
  • Studio Shutters – Basic plantation shutters for budget-minded homeowners.
  • Timberland Shutters - Faux wood shutters, stained to look like real wood – combining form and function in one fantastic window treatment.

Frame Style
Depending on your material and the shape of your door, we can offer you a variety of shutter frame styles, interior or exterior mounted:

  • Z-Frame 
  • L-Frame 
  • Decorative Frame 
  • Craftsman Frame 

Based on the material for your shutters, we can offer a variety of paints, stains, and finishes to complement nearly any color scheme or home style you have in mind.

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