Simple , natural, and cozy - few home styles are as all-American as craftsman style homes. The style has become so popular and ubiquitous over the years that elements of it have seeped into other American home design styles.

But it still remains a classic, and homeowners have a lot of design freedom–specifically with window options–with which they can amplify the visual impact of their craftsman home. Let’s look at the unique elements of craftsman homes and how the right window treatments can elevate its style even further.

craftsman syle home

Photo courtesy of Don Graham via Flickr

What Makes a Craftsman Style Home Unique?

Though first seen in Southern California in the early 1900’s, craftsman homes or homes influenced by the style can be seen across the country. And while some aspects were groundbreaking decades ago, many have found their way into other home styles in American home architecture. Here’s what makes a craftsman style home, and how window treatments play a part in it.

Natural Material

The vast majority of the visible material in craftsman architecture is natural. Craftsman home siding is usually wood or stone, extensive woodwork is common in both the interior and exterior, and exposed rafters are a typical feature. 

A design-minded homeowner could continue the focus on natural material with natural wood shutters, complementing the colors, workmanship, and natural beauty of the exposed woodwork common in craftsman homes. 


From extensive use of gables and sharp slant roofs to the unique square tapered columns, craftsman home geometry is easily recognizable. Clean lines and right angles are ubiquitous in nearly every part of craftsman homes, and that aesthetic conveys both a sense of simplicity and superior workmanship.

Photo courtesy of David Sawyer via Flickr

Interior design in a crafsman home should try to stick to that clean geometric aesthetic. Angular window treatments, such as plantation shutters, wood or faux-wood blinds or panel tracks are great for accentuating crafsman geometry without muddying the style of the home. 

Several, Varied Windows

The huge number of windows on the facade of a craftsman home is usually one of the first things people notice, and it’s common for there to be several different window styles utilized across the house. Dormer windows on gables, varying sash windows on the face, and sidelights around the door make for a visually arresting house.

Remember though that with all those windows come a loss of privacy, increased outdoor light, and heat loss through the glass. Larger sash windows can benefit from plantation shutters that maintain the craftsman look while compensating for the large number of windows, as plantation shutters give you excellent light control and privacy, as well as improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Protective window film may also be a consideration for craftsman homes, to lessen the effects of harmful UV rays that can come through your windows and cause damage or fading to photos, artwork, furniture or other woodwork in the home.

Window Treatments For An American Home

Craftsman style homes have influences in Asian architecture, English craftwork, and many othe rsources.  It is that fusion of ideas that makes it all-American. Perhaps that is why Polywood Plantation Shutters, which are 100% American-made, are such a great fit for craftsman homes.

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