Creating shutters and window treatments for customers from coast to coast gives us at Sunburst the wonderful opportunity to rub elbows with some of the best interior designers and home remodelers in the country. One of the things we’ve learned is that designers love barn doors. We talked to one of our favorite award-winning designers, Jane Cunningham of Room Resolutions, to see why she and her colleagues are flocking to barn doors.

Barn Doors Are Stylistically Versatile

“The name ‘barn door’ does it a disservice”, says Jane. When people hear that phrase, she explained, it usually conjures up images of rural Wyoming–not exactly the look most people are looking for in their home. But barn doors are definitely not a one-trick pony. With customizable hardware, different wood styles and colors, barn doors look fantastic in a variety of home styles, from rustic craftsman style homes to west coast Spanish Revival houses. Barn doors can even mesh with modern stylized homes, playing off the contrast from wood to glass in spaces like bathrooms.

Barn Doors Can Free Up Your Space

Since every home is different it gives an interior designer a chance to find unique solutions to fit each homeowner’s needs, and barn doors are a design choice that offer a few unique advantages. Unlike other entryway options, barn doors can slide flush to the wall they’re on instead of opening out, perfect for entryways that have unique space needs. Barn doors are also one of the few entryway options that don’t need any sort of threshold, track, or molding, giving you more freedom in how you implement them into your home.

Both of these unique qualities came into play with one of Jane’s recent home design projects, in which a ranch-style had an uncovered closet space in a bedroom, due to space restrictions. A new barn door installation gave great coverage without impeding space in the bedroom or requiring any work on the floors or trim around the closet.

Barn Doors Are a Work of Art

If you pay attention to recent home design trends, then terms such as “upcycling” or “repurposed” probably ring a bell. The appearance of age or distress on items in your home give off a feeling of history and character which leaves a lasting impression on guests. 

Few furnishings can pull off that feeling better than barn doors. With their natural wood grain and color, along with the sliding mechanic that harkens back to older architecture, barn doors are a piece of art that serve a functional purpose in your home.

Let’s Talk Barn Doors For Your Home

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