Today's blog article celebrates window film improvements.  Long ago window film (also called window tint) was not very consumer friendly.  Its dark color didn't allow much visibility into the windows of the home--which was often good.  But after a few years, it didn't allow much visibility out of the windows either--which was not so good.  The protection offered also was not stellar.

Today's window film has improved significantly.  Sunburst uses Panorama window film products, and the quality is outstanding.  We offer a wide range of Panorama films--some of which are almost clear.  All of them install so perfectly that you often cannot even tell there is a film on the windows, yet, our films block up to 99% of all UV rays coming into a home.  UV is what fades your carpet and furniture.

As you start thinking about summer, take a look at the furnishings and flooring next to your windows.  You should consider window film to protect those investments and give you the ultimate comfort in your home.  You can even combine window film with other window treatments like shutters, shades, or draperies for maximum energy protection.  

Visit our window film page to learn more about window film improvements, then call 877-SUN-BURST and schedule an appointment for one of our Sunburst window treatment experts to come to your home and show you the tremendous benefits of today's window film.  Even though you can't always see the difference through your window, you'll feel the difference.  Enjoy the view!