Plantation shutters are often sold by the square foot, so to get an approximate measurement for a price estimate, simply measure your window length and width, to the nearest eighth of an inch.

For homeowners who are a little more hands-on, we’ll show you the best way to measure your windows to be fitted for plantation shutters.

Measuring Square & Rectangular Windows for Shutters

Typical rectangular windows seem like the easiest ones to measure – and they are, compared to other specialty windows. But there’s still an entire process that goes into getting accurate measurements. Here’s how to do it.

What You’ll Need:

  •  Metal tape measure
  •  Pencil and paper

‚ÄčFirst, measure the width (horizontal). Take a measurement across in three separate spots: in the center, near the top, and near the bottom of the window. Mark down all three, to the nearest eighth of an inch. Then, do the same for the length (vertical) – take 3 measurements, one in the center, and one each near the left and right edges of the your window like seen below.

The reason you need to measure in three spots each direction is because no window is an absolutely perfect square. And depending on what kind of mount your shutters will need, you might either need to record the absolute smallest measurement (for an inside mount), or the absolute largest measurement (for an outside mount). Getting measurements in three spots helps make sure your bases are covered.


Measuring Specialty Shaped Windows for Shutters

Non-rectangular windows are where measuring can become extremely tricky. Just like there’s no perfect square window, there’s also never a perfect octagon, circle, or arched window – and that means that even taking the right measurements can lead to problems. For the best results, get a professional measurement (which Sunburst is happy to provide absolutely free). Otherwise, here’s how to measure the most common specialty windows for shutters.

Measuring Arch and Semicircle Windows

Start by measuring the width of the window at the flat bottom. Measuring only the window opening, record to the nearest eighth of an inch the width of the arch. For the height, find the halfway point of the window by dividing the width measurement in half, then measure to the top of the window from that point. Again, record to the nearest eighth of an inch.


Measuring Elongated Arch Windows

Elongated arch windows look like a cross between a rectangular window and a circular window, with a wide, flat bottom and straight “legs,” but with rounded corners at the top and a taller arch. So think of it exactly as that: a rectangle and an arch put together. Measure the width like you would a normal arch, then measure the length of the legs (the straight vertical parts before the window curves into an arch). After that, measure the maximum height of the window from the middle of the width, subtracting the height of the legs. Again, record all of these to the nearest eighth of an inch.

Measuring Circular & Octagonal Windows

Full circle windows and octagon windows are some of the most difficult to measure accurately, since there are so many small details that can change the dimensions of the shutters you might need. It’s usually best to leave these more difficult ones to a professional.