Sunburst Shutters for TownhomesTownhouse life is different from owning a home or renting an apartment. The same goes for townhouse decorating and interior design: it’s different from designing for a house or condo.

Take a few pointers from Sunburst when it comes to planning out the interior design for your townhouse – especially when it comes to townhouse window treatments.


Remember the Mixed Windows

Polywood ShuttersA common theme in townhouses is several mixed window frames. A single townhouse can easily have arched windows, bay windows, casement windows, transoms, and more. All these different specialty window types can make a townhouse look eye-catching, but you might have to approach decorating each of them from a different angle. Some window treatments might not work on some windows, given their special shape or position in the room.

If you can cover each window with the same type of window treatment, you’ll create a stunning theme throughout your space that will also be apparent from the exterior. Custom plantation shutters are a sure bet for multiple windows, and are visually stunning in a well-designed home.

Controlling for Sound in a Townhouse

If your neighborhood is like most, then your townhouse either shares a wall with a neighbor or is incredibly close to your neighbor’s. Depending on what your neighbors are like, you might be a little too close for comfort with regards to hearing what goes on in each other's homes. The good news is you can help alleviate that through your windows.

You can get noise-dampening drapes, but they tend to be incredibly bulky and drab-looking. A better option might be Polywood® plantation shutters.

Working with the Size of Your Townhouse

Townhouses are normally bigger than condos – so if that’s what you’re used to, you might find it harder to control the temperature all the time in your townhouse. Depending on how old the house is and where you live, it can become downright sweltering in some homes even with the A/C cranked. That might be a clue to stop the heat at its source: the sun. Put in window treatments that can help block heat, like cellular shades or Polywood shutters. Both are proven to keep homes cooler.

Cell shadesWhile townhouses are bigger than condos, they can seem smaller to those who are used to bigger full-sized family homes. Rather than just learning to live in a smaller space, open it up with some innovative decorating. Furniture and natural light play a big part in how big a room looks. Make use of multifunctional furniture like ottomans and foldout coffee tables, and space them out to exaggerate negative space. Make use of natural light by letting as much in as possible when you can to make a room look bigger: shutters do an excellent job of bridging the gap between privacy and natural light.

Get More Townhouse Design Tips from Sunburst

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