The Polywood Shutter has always been very popular with our customers because of its beauty, durability and energy efficiency.  For years, we only offered white.  About 15 years ago, we added off white and bright white. So what Polywood colors are available today?

Now, Sunburst Shutters is offering a custom color program that enables you to match your Polywood shutters to thousands of colors.  This program is now available through Sunburst Shutters stores across the country.

If your decorating needs call for a cool gray, or light blue, or a certain beige hue, we can do it.  You can complement or contrast your wall colors even more with the Polywood custom color program.  For other Polywood shutters colors, just ask your design consultant for more details, and soon your Polywood shutters will be more colorful than ever before. 

*Some restrictions apply.