French doors bring a comfortable feel to any room in your home. Their classic look has captured the hearts of homeowners across the nation. But if you want privacy, energy efficiency, and light control, your french doors need a window covering. So what's the best window covering for french doors?

Yes, blinds and shades can cover the french door glass. But they might sway and rattle when you open and close the door. That's just one of the reasons why you'll love our french door shutters.

Plantation Shutters Are The Only French Door Window Covering You'll Ever Need

We custom fit plantation shutters of your choice to the specific dimensions of your french door. French door shutters are available in Polywood® and Ovation® wood. Polywood shutters are the most energy efficient window treatment on the market. They insulate up to 70% better than the equivalent wood shutter. And the shutter louvers give you control over how much of the outside light and view you let in.

Handle Cutout Options For French Door Shutters

When designing your french door shutters, think about the door handle. You'll wwant to make sure it's still accessible without hampering the shutter design. So let's consider some ways to work around it.

Custom Handle Cutouts

One of my favorite features of french door shutters is the custom handle cutout. We've seen most homeowners from Boston to Sacramento install french doors shutters with handle cutouts. Here the handle is considered part of the shutter frame style. You can choose between a circle handle cutout or a square one. The circle cutout's arc has a classic charm, but some customers love the lines of the square cut out.

No Handle Cutout

We design the shutters with the architecture of your door in mind. If you have ample room around and between the handle and the glass, the shutter frame can be limited to the dimensions of the glass. This means the handle of the french door is not incorporated into the design of the shutter (no cutout styling). But the door handle itself is still accessible.

No matter the style of handle cutout, we're here to help you choose the best window covering for your french doors.

How To Get This Must-Have French Door Window Covering

During your in-home design consultation, our experts measure your french doors and show you the possible options and styles of shutters. We'll explain how each handle cutout style will look on your particular door. And we order your plantation shutters based on your exact specifications. You'll see and feel the difference french door shutters make as soon as we install them.

Your french doors are ready for plantation shutters. Are you? Find a store near you for more information on french door shutters.