You’ve decided you want shutters in your home and are trying to get a head start by measuring your windows. Maybe you want to try your hand at buying standard shutters from a box store or ordering shutters online. So you stand in front of your windows with a tape measure and jot down their dimensions. “That’s so easy,” you think. But is it? And what if you got something wrong?

The truth is there’s 100 ways to make a mistake when measuring for shutters, from simple transposing of numbers to not accounting for latches or if your window tilts in or out, or having clearance to operate the window, or placing the shutter frame in the right spot so as not to impede the window’s operation, and so on. And when you have custom products like shutters that you expect to last a lifetime, small mistakes can be very costly. That’s why you should order custom shutters and have your windows measured by a professional.

Measuring For Shutters Isn’t As Easy As It Seems

Even if you have a rectangular window that seems pretty straightforward, there’s many things to take into account when measuring for shutters. Do you measure inside or outside the window frame? How do you measure when your windows have cranks or they tilt in or out? What if you have an odd shaped window?  What do you do about the security system that’s connected to your window?

Window treatment experts, like our local teams at Sunburst Shutters, have installed thousands of shutters and know how to measure every type of window accurately. We have experience with every window type including bay windows, double hung windows, bow windows, French doors, sidelight shutters, and more. 

Shutters Are A Custom Product That Need A Professional Touch

Shutters are a custom product because every window is different and shutters have so many options including frame styles, louver sizes, and type of shutter. Since shutters are custom to each home, they become a permanent fixture that can increase your home’s value.

Properly fitted shutters look beautiful and function smoothly. If your shutters don’t fit due to measuring mistakes you make, then you can’t adjust the louvers for light and privacy control. An airtight fit is especially important when you want energy efficient shutters like our Polywood® shutters that reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Our shutter professionals measure each window in the room to the nearest 1/8th of an inch for accuracy, including any angles or curves. We take into account your window’s size, shape, and any special details.

Measuring Mistakes Can Be Costly

Some homeowners assume that by measuring windows themselves they can save money. And if they measure everything exactly right that may be true. But what many online and box stores don’t tell you is that if you make a measuring mistake and your shutters don’t fit then you’re on the hook for paying for the shutters.

Sunburst Shutters only sells shutters that have been measured by our sales professionals. We do all the work and walk you through all our shutter products so that you get a product that you’re happy with. And you don’t need to know all the details that go into measuring your windows for shutters properly - you can leave it to the professionals.

Find A Local Shutter Professional

If you’re in the market for new shutters that will fit your windows perfectly, contact your local store to schedule a free in-home consultation. We’ll answer any questions you have, and show you your options. During the in-home consultation we’ll measure your windows so that your custom shutters fit beautifully.