Bring Natural Beauty Indoors With Reclaimed Wood Shutters

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Interior decorating and home design are some of our passions. We’ve learned that design inspiration can come from anywhere. All it takes is a simple Pinterest search to find a huge array of new unique creations and crafts to implement in your home design.

We’ve found one of the best places to find inspiration is in nature. Few home furnishings bring that beautiful natural aesthetic inside quite like reclaimed wood. And some of the most uniquely creative furnishings are reclaimed wood shutters. These shutters are built from certified reclaimed wood, harvested and repurposed from older hardwood sources.

Here are a few tips to help you channel natural beauty into your design with reclaimed wood.

Where Should I Use Reclaimed Wood Shutters?

With their weathered appeal and rich, dimensional texture, reclaimed shutters are ideal for making a statement in rooms that you and your guests spend a lot of time in. The family room, living room, and dining room are all spaces in which reclaimed wood shine brightest.

Also think about how you want to coordinate your room now and in the future. As you’ll see, reclaimed wood shutters can be incredibly versatile, a showpiece for design tastes ranging from rustic to contemporary to formal and more.

Incorporate Natural Colors With Reclaimed Wood Shutters

The colors you use in your rooms play a huge role in the mood you set. To set a calm, mellow, and neutral mood, go with softer earth tones and naturally occurring colors like sandstone or black maple. That’s an aesthetic look in which reclaimed wood shutters can shine, seamlessly bringing the visual appeal of Mother Nature into your space.

Reclaimed wood shutters in family room with leather couch and earth tones.

But it’s not just natural colors and earth tones that reclaimed wood shutters can complement. Even with more vibrant or modern interior colors, reclaimed wood easily draws the eye in with its natural beauty – contrasting with the sharp colors of other furnishings. The versatility of reclaimed wood to play either a starring or supporting role in your home design is one of its major benefits.

Add Character and History To Your Home With Reclaimed Wood

Kitchen sitting area with reclaimed wood shutter on window.

In addition to bringing the beauty of nature into your home, reclaimed wood shutters do something that few furnishings are able to do: tell a story. Each individual louver, with its natural wood grain and random texture, brings with it a history and story all its own.

The reclaimed wood in these shutters is harvested from a variety of sources, each with their own character and story to tell. Perhaps it’s the story of decades spent as part of a historic New Hampshire farmhouse, a fence post on a Texas ranch, or one of several other pieces of Americana from years past.

Ready to Learn More About Reclaimed Wood Shutters?

There’s no better time to add reclaimed wood shutters to your home. With installers across the country, we can help you find your local Sunburst store to get you started today.

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