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  • How To Choose Bedroom Window Treatments

    January 17, 2017
    When looking for a window treatment for your bedroom privacy, light control, energy efficiency, color, and installation are key criteria to consider. What’s the best choice between blinds, shades, plantation shutters, and sliding barn doors? Here are 5 things to consider when choosing bedroom window treatments. Privacy Privacy is the… View Article


  • Bathroom Window Treatments Have You Covered

    February 17, 2017
    Whether you’re taking a shower at night or washing your face in the morning, bathroom privacy is important – especially when there’s a window in the room. For those of us living close to neighbors, there are a couple of options in bathroom window treatments to keep peeping eyes away…. View Article


  • Window Treatment Ideas For Your Family Room

    March 16, 2017
    The family room is where you come to unwind. This is where you watch sports, movies, and even presidential debates. When the TV is the focus of this room, finding window treatments that fit the décor and give you control over glare is no easy task. We’ve considered the different… View Article


  • 4 Window Treatment Ideas For Your Home Office

    March 17, 2017
    When you have the right atmosphere in your home office, you are energized, relaxed, and get work done. You may already have the perfect desk and furniture, but what about your windows? Here are four window treatments for your home office that will create the right atmosphere for your office… View Article


  • 4 Dining Room Window Treatment Ideas For Your Home

    April 17, 2017
    Everyone wants a cozy place to come home to where they can relax. The atmosphere of your home is influenced not only by its style and furnishings, but also by maintaining your preferred temperature – without running up your utility bills. Here are 3 ways that window treatments not only… View Article


  • The Best Basement Window Treatment Ideas For Your Home

    May 16, 2017
    If your basement windows are uncovered, you’re not alone. It’s hard to find a window treatment that brings in the natural light this part of your house desperately needs, while providing privacy. And if you have small windows, covering them and incorporating them into your décor becomes an even bigger… View Article


  • Window Treatment Ideas For Sunrooms

    July 16, 2017
    A sunroom that is airy and comfortable can become the most popular room in the house. Its large windows and generous natural light make it the perfect place to relax with a good book, enjoy a cup of coffee, or entertain guests. To make your sunroom become the go-to room… View Article


  • 5 Reasons To Cover Your Stairwell Windows With Shutters

    August 16, 2017
    Are your large stairwell windows bare because you don’t know what to do with them? Are you looking for a window treatment that controls light and provides privacy? Adding window treatments such as shutters to your stairwell windows not only enhances your window’s beauty, but provides other benefits as well…. View Article


  • Which Window Treatments To Choose For Kids’ Rooms

    September 16, 2017
    You have a huge selection when choosing your perfect bedroom window treatments, depending on the specific needs of your space. But one type of bedroom may have the most specific needs of any kind: children’s bedrooms. Though children’s bedrooms share many of the same requirements as other bedrooms, they also… View Article


  • Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas For Your Home

    October 15, 2017
    When it comes to the kitchen, most Americans want a space that is functional and at the same time appealing to the senses. Not just any window treatment above the sink will do. Check out these contemporary kitchen window treatment ideas for your home. Plantation Shutters For Kitchen Windows With… View Article


  • Finding Your Perfect Great Room Window Treatments

    November 16, 2017
    Contemporary home design is all about functionality. More and more homeowners in are adopting the design philosophy that each element of your home shouldn’t only look good, it should serve a function as well. And if it can serve more than one function, even better! That’s why the great room… View Article


  • Keys to a perfect guest bedroom

    April 18, 2018
    Guests are coming, but is your guest bedroom ready? Here are four key tips to creating the perfect guest bedroom for your guests that says, “Welcome Home.” Give your guest room comfortable accommodations Happy Days Farms If your guests have had a long day traveling then they’ll want to get… View Article


  • What To Put On A Bath Or Shower Window

    May 18, 2018
    You have one or more windows right above your bathtub, right outside your shower, or even inside the shower. So what do you do? Leaving it uncovered isn’t a great idea, unless the glass is frosted and opaque. So what you need is the right bath or shower window treatment…. View Article


  • Craftsman Home Rooms to Inspire Your Design

    April 1, 2019
    Craftsman design and style is absolutely timeless. The style’s been around for several decades, yet it’s still one of 2018’s hottest design trends. It stresses simplicity, comfort, and handicraft – all things that make a house a home. So how can you bring that style into your space? Here are… View Article


  • 5 Ways to Make a Room Look Brighter

    May 6, 2019
    Is there a room in your home that feels a little dim or dark? Maybe it doesn’t get much natural light due to where it is in your house or there just aren’t many windows? No matter what’s causing the dimness, here are 5 ways to brighten up a room… View Article


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