Top Window Treatment Design Tips

Our experts are passionate about bringing you the best window treatment design tips. We put together their recommendations in a list you can easily reference when considering new window treatments for your home. Read about the top shutter design tips here.

Tip #1: Leverage the Power of Color!

Color is what makes the world so beautiful.  When considering colors for your home design, there are a couple schools of thought:  complementary or contrasting

Some folks like a common hue in every item in the room—the walls, window treatments, flooring and furniture are close in color, such as light beige paint & carpeting, with off white baseboard trim and window treatments.  Others like those items to contrast, such as a navy blue walls with bright white shutters.

Here are some pointers for choosing window treatment colors in both styles:

  • Complementary:  If you like the colors of your room to be similar, consider different patterns of the color on different objects.  Also, if you use natural colors, those are more traditional and less trendy, staying in style longer.  You can always accent a room of natural, complementary colors with small bursts of color:  a bouquet of flowers, a certain picture or painting, etc.  That makes the colorful element the focal point of the room.
  • Contrasting:  There are different degrees of contrast.  The more bold the contrast, the more unique the room will look.  Be sure to include some consistency in the room—if every element is a different color, it will look like you couldn’t decide on a color so you used all of them.  And some duplication of colors is a smart move, such as using espresso brown picture frames against an off-white painted wall (for the contrast) but with espresso brown flooring that ties into the picture frame color.

Color and design are a matter of personal taste, as well as style.  But remember to consider the window treatments in your color pallet—as windows and the treatments often take a good portion of the room. So take your time choosing window treatment colors.

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