Top Window Treatment Design Tips

Our experts are passionate about bringing you the best window treatment design tips. We put together their recommendations in a list you can easily reference when considering new window treatments for your home. Read about the top shutter design tips here.

Tip #2: How to Choose the Best Treatment for your Home

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is “what’s the right window treatment for my home?”  Since there are many factors to consider when buying window treatments—like beauty, durability or energy efficiency--we’ve listed them below with the window treatments that best provides that benefit to make choosing the right window treatment easier.

  • Beauty:  shutters, shades and draperies.
  • Budget:  blinds, window film and some shades.
  • Child safe:  shutters and window film.
  • Color:  shades, draperies and wood shutters.
  • Durability:  shutters.
  • Energy Efficiency:  shutters and window film.
  • Noise/Sound Control:  shutters and some draperies.
  • Privacy:  shutters and some draperies

Determine what window treatment benefits are most important to you and then review the treatments that fit.  Make a list of the 3 most important benefits and see if any treatment is listed in on all 3 lists.  Also, consult with the professional design consultants at Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions.  Through their in-home consultation, they can help you see what best fits your needs.

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