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Our experts are passionate about bringing you the best window treatment design tips. We put together their recommendations in a list you can easily reference when considering new window treatments for your home. Read about the top shutter design tips here.

Tip #3: Seven Tips for Buying Shutters

Shutters are a beautiful investment to any home and can add exceptional style and value, while controlling light, sound and temperature. Some homeowners rush into buying shutters without considering the quality of the company or product. Like any investment, it pays to do your homework.

Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions, the country’s largest and most respected manufacturer offers these tips for buying shutters-insight from 40 years in the business.

  1. Deal with a company you can trust
    The most important factor in buying shutters is the company.  The quality of the products, service, warranty, and installation are dependent on the company you choose.  Deal with a company with a great reputation and long list of satisfied customers.  Work with a shutter specialist, not a company that is simply a vendor of a variety of products and brands.
  2. Read the Warranty
    The warranty should cover the shutter material and installation.  Be sure to get it in writing. Insist on seeing the real manufacturer’s warranty, in order to know what you’re getting.
  3. Measurements & Quotes
    To get an accurate quote, a skilled estimator should come to your home and take precise measurements.  Be leery of companies that subcontract out their work or reps who promise that another person will come out later for a final measure.
  4. Buy from the actual Manufacturer
    Work with the company that builds the shutters.  Unfortunately, some companies claim they make shutters when they do not—assembling a frame made in China does not make them the manufacturer.  Also, insist on shutters that are only 100% made in the USA.  Many shutter brands are made from materials that were created overseas.
  5. Professional Installation
    Installation is critical. Most companies use subcontractors to install shutters.  Use a company that does its own installation.
  6. Price
    Some shutter companies tout the lowest cost per square foot but charge extra for frames or add-ons you need.  Another trick is to tack on additional “phantom” square footage. You will end up overpaying for poor quality.
  7. Overall Best Quality
    Sunburst Shutters is the expert in shutters, and has been since 1978.  The highest quality shutter is Sunburst’s patented Polywood Shutter.  Polywood lasts forever and is proven to be 70% more energy efficient than wood or “poly” shutters.  Don’t believe claims that wood or “poly” shutters are “just as good,” or “essentially” the same.  Polywood is fully patented and cannot be copied or duplicated.  In the shutter world, Polywood is the best. 

For more tips for buying shutters, contact any Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions store.

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