Top Window Treatment Design Tips

Our experts are passionate about bringing you the best window treatment design tips. We put together their recommendations in a list you can easily reference when considering new window treatments for your home. Read about the top shutter design tips here.

Tip #5: Picking a Window Treatment for a Sliding Door

Some homeowners leave sliding doors un-treated because they aren’t sure how to cover it.  But Sunburst Shutters has a variety of treatments for sliders.

The most popular is a plantation shutter like Polywood.  Shutter panels are situated on a track system and slide to complete cover the window.  Louvers are operational when all panels are in their original place.  To operate the door, close the louvers and slide the shutter panels on their track out of the way of the door.  Polywood shutters on a slider can take the abuse that naturally comes from using a busy doorway.

Panel tracks are growing in popularity for doors.  Panel tracks are panels of fabric on a sliding track system.  You don’t have the functionality of operational louvers—you can only let light in when you slide the panels out of the way.  But they provide privacy and allow for easy use.

Vertical Blinds are another option.  Verticals use multiple blind slats on a track that can be angled slightly to control light, or slid along their track to open out of the way. 

Draperies can be used as a treatment for sliding doors, but are not as common.  Visit with your Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions design consultant to discuss options for your sliding door.

Picking a window treatment for sliding doors can be tricky. Our design experts can help you decide during your in-home consultation.

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