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In the spirit of Valentines Day, I think it’s appropriate to discuss the word “love.”  Not the romantic, personal type love.  I’m talking about the use of the word for everything else, such as “I love that restaurant” or “I love that song.”

I often hear homeowners say how much they love our shutters.  Over and over again.  For most of them, this love of their shutters is a deep, everlasting love.  And it’s made me reflect on what would make someone express that feeling toward a window covering.

When I ask for details, their love of our shutters exists for many reasons.  First of all, its usually about good looks.  Our Polywood and Ovation wood shutters look beautiful.  Beauty is often associated with feeling love.  Second, our shutters fit windows perfectly and do exactly what they are supposed to.  They are dependable.  Third, they are easy to operate and easy to clean–which is something every homeowner dreams about.  Fourth, they offer tremendous energy savings.  Our customers see a dramatic difference in their energy bills, which is an added bonus for using Sunburst Shutters.  Fifth, they come with a lifetime warranty.  If anything goes wrong, Sunburst will repair or replace them so they’ll always look great and perform flawlessly.

Additionally, there is the value of knowing you made a great investment for your home, the envy that your neighbors have when they see your shutters, and the feeling that your windows complete your home…. “you complete me!”

So while you may be thinking of your true love this Valentines Day, don’t underestimate the love you might feel for our shutters.  Give our stores a call and set up a free in-home consultation and demonstration of our Polywood and Ovation shutters.  Who knows?  You may just fall in love with shutters!  Happy Valentines Day everyone.

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