French door shutters

French Door Shutters

Plantation shutters aren’t just for windows – they’re also one of the best choices for French doors. If you have one or two patio doors that swing out but want to cover the glass panes for better lighting or style, then plantation shutters are for you. Combine dazzling home fashion with simple functionality when you choose plantation shutters for your French doors.

French door shuttersGive Your French Doors The Treatment They Deserve

It’s easy to see why shutters are the perfect window treatment for French doors. Whether your French doors open onto a patio, deck, or porch, shutters let you get the most out of them. The wide louvers let you open up your space to a clear view of your patio if you want to show it off, or you can completely shut them to set the perfect mood for your space.

Plantation shutters are custom-made for your French doors. Best of all, shutters are some of the most resilient window treatments, guaranteed to last as long as your French doors themselves.

  • Benefits

    Shutters on your French doors offer you the best of all worlds. When you see how indoor shutters can completely change the feel of your home, you’ll be convinced.

    Timeless Home Style

    Fabrics go out of style, curtains fade, and blinds are easily damaged. Even vinyl shutters warp and break – but not Sunburst’s French door shutters. Completely solid, and designed with versatility in mind, our French door shutters are completely future-proof when it comes to interior design.

    Complete Control of Your Space

    Whether you’re looking to have better energy efficiency, better lighting control, or more effective soundproofing, the answer is French door shutters. Polywood® shutters in particular are industry leaders in helping block heat and sound through your windows.

    Expert Installation & Service

    Every Sunburst French door shutter is professionally assembled and installed by your local team of experts. Your installer will even bring samples to your home for you to see in your window openings. It’s complete in-home service for your French doors.

  • Options

    square door handle cut-outsMaterial

    We offer top of the line French door shutters in our following lines:
    • Polywood® - the industry’s leading faux wood shutter.
    • Ovation® - Natural wood shutters with natural beauty.
    • Reclaimed Wood - Repurposed wood turned into a beautiful window treatment.
    • Studio Shutters - Builder-grade shutters with simple looks.
    • Timberland Shutters - Faux wood shutters with wood stains for bold looks.

    rounded door handle cut-outsFrame Style

    Depending on your material and the shape of your door, we can offer you a variety of shutter frame styles, interior or exterior mounted:
    • L-Frame Shutters
    • Decorative Frame Shutters

    Door Handle Cut-Outs

    To ensure usability and stylish design, we can custom make either square door handle cut-outs or rounded door handle cut-outs to let your door handle move freely.
  • Warranty

    The majority of our French door shutters are backed with a Lifetime Warranty on material and installation. Be sure to speak with your Sunburst professional for specifics on warranties for certain materials and finishes.

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