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May is here. The temperature is warmer and everyone seems to be thinking of summer.

If you’re doing Spring Cleaning, give some attention to your shutters. If you have Polywood shutters, you can dust them with a cloth, which can be dampened if needed. Hot water will help remove stubborn spots. There’s no need to use cleaning solutions.

Ovation wood shutters should be dusted without any liquid or cleaning solution.

If it’s been a while since you’ve dusted your shutters, sometimes it helps to wipe the shutters completely with one cloth, then a second time with a new cloth.

Take a vacuum attachment to dust that might be in the window sill area, then wipe it down as well.  If you’re washing your windows, remember to swing your shutter panels open so as not to spray any window cleaner on the shutters.

If your shutters need any repairs or adjustments, call your nearest store.

We just had a call this week from a woman whose dog chewed on her shutter louvers. Not very tasty. We helped her replace six louvers that had served as a snack for the dog.

Spring cleaning shutters can help them last longer – and look more beautiful. Give us a call if we can help in any way, and enjoy the view from your beautiful (and now clean) shutters.

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