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One of the hottest new movies showing this weekend is Scream 4.  While horror films may not be for everyone, it is interesting to note that Sunburst’s Polywood shutters were the shutter of choice in the home featured in this film. That’s one of the great Polywood shutters examples of how our shutters can take on any house décor.

Installed by our very own Steve Hill at our Sunburst Shutters Detroit store, Polywood was likely chosen because it could stand up to anything the actors wanted to throw at it, splatter on it, or, well… you get the point.

So if you’re into these kinds of films, and you see Scream 4, be sure to admire the beautiful Polywood Shutters in the home.  Perhaps it’s a good way to move you from the edge of your chair into the back of it while you admire the beauty of the shutters…

Then again, you probably won’t even be thinking about shutters during this flick! Enjoy this movie and be on the lookout for more Polywood shutters examples.

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