Latest Trend in Home Décor: Go Green

November 1, 2008 1:03 pm Published by

Polywood Shutters save trees and energy

(Las Vegas) – Homeowners who want to do something good for the environment but feel overwhelmed by the task are turning to “green” home products as a way to help conserve our natural resources and add beauty to their homes at the same time.

Architects and designers across the country report that clients are requesting and in some cases requiring that designers find new ways to “go green.”

“Not only do people want earth-friendly and energy efficient homes, but they are demanding them like never before,” said Nate Timms, a Salt Lake City architect. “Clients are really leading the charge when it comes to green design and architects are trying to stay one step ahead by finding new products and concepts that fit the bill.”

This trend is supported by families from Hollywood to Hillsboro, and it has even made its way into a part of the home that is never very energy efficient: the windows.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, windows are one of the largest sources of heat or air conditioning loss due to their low insulating ability and high air leakage rates. As a result, windows are typically net energy losers, and can be responsible for losing 25 to 50 percent of the energy used to heat and cool homes.

Sunburst Shutters offers homeowners a beautiful and permanent way to create more insulated, energy efficient windows that are also good for the environment — Polywood interior shutters.

Polywood, an engineered wood substitute, has the appearance of wood without the problems commonly associated with wood such as cracking, warping, splitting or fading.  It also receives high marks for both its classic good looks and its green qualities.

“Products like Polywood do not use up our natural resources and are a great alternative to wood shutters or mini blinds that need to be replaced every few years,” says Dix Jarman, CEO of Sunburst Shutters.  “It is important for consumers to do their homework on this topic – even some synthetic products can be harmful to the environment if they are completely petroleum based. Polywood is made from recyclable synthetic material that is a by-product of natural gas, making it far more earth-friendly than other shutters.”

Some “green” products are manufactured in a way that protects the environment from pollution and waste, while others conserve energy and save valuable resources: Polywood shutters are both.

Third-party thermal conductivity research comparing the energy efficiency of Polywood shutters to that of wood shutters and aluminum mini-blinds found that Polywood shutters are 70 percent more energy efficient than wood shutters and 1,600 percent more energy efficient than aluminum mini-blinds.

Boston resident David Mintz installed Sunburst’s Polywood shutters throughout his entire house and has since witnessed a significant drop in his heating and cooling bills. “Bottom line, Polywood shutters have been an amazing investment for our home,” said Mintz. “We have had them for the past two years, and we spent approximately 20 percent less on power bills each year. Plus they are a beautiful addition to every room of the house.”

The trend toward earth-friendly design and decor is not expected to slow any time soon. Choosing products that are efficient and made of sustainable materials is one way homeowners can do their part to pitch in for the “green” cause.

Polywood shutters from Sunburst are the only “green” window treatment to bring classic beauty, value, and energy savings to your home year-round.  To locate a retail store near you, visit

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