Shutters’ Popularity Continues to Rise in Homes Across the Country

March 1, 2005 1:08 pm Published by

More and more homeowners are replacing blinds and curtains with shutters

Today’s homeowners have more opportunities for personalizing their homes than ever before.  While it is good to have options in home furnishings, when it comes to stylish long-lasting window coverings there is only one choice: plantation shutters.

Homeowners across America are choosing interior shutters over blinds and drapes.  Shutters are a beautiful and functional window treatment that can instantly upgrade the look of any home.  The installation of high-quality shutters not only adds exceptional architectural style and value, but the right shutter can help control the light, sound, and heat that enter your house.

“Installing plantation shutters really gave our home the crisp, clean finish we were looking for,” says Jan Falcone, a Sunburst Shutters customer in Georgia.  “They have pulled everything together so nicely.”

Falcone had Sunburst shutters custom-built and installed in a home she and her husband Dick recently purchased in Savannah, Georgia.

“The great thing is that plantation shutters in and of themselves are all you need for window coverings,” says Falcone.  ”We always have the option to add curtains or draperies to the shutters, but we don’t need to – we already have a fully decorated look.”

Style is a key selling point for most people who buy shutters, but shutters also offer homeowners beauty and value.  A survey of Draperies & Window Coverings Magazine (DWC) readers found that the number one reason people buy shutters is aesthetics. The second reason customers are buying shutters is because they consider them as investments in their homes. That’s because most shutters are a permanent fixture in a home and they outlast every other type of window covering.

“We know shutters will be a great selling feature when we put our home on the market,” says Falcone.  “It will set our home apart from the competition and we know we can always get our investment back with plantation shutters rather than drapes or shades.”

With the growing demand for shutters, homeowners are looking for a shutter company that will take care of everything from measuring, installing and providing quality customer service.  The nation’s largest shutter retailer, Sunburst Shutters, has been serving customers for nearly 30 years and has stores, satellite offices and dealers in almost 100 markets.

“We’ve seen the shutter market grow substantially over the past few years,” says Dix Jarman, co-owner of Sunburst Shutters.  “Our continued growth into more than 100 markets around the country is a true testimony that shutters are America’s favorite window treatment.”

When it comes to types of shutters, Jarman’s products are among the hottest sellers.  His company developed the Polywood shutter that uses an engineered wood substitute made from solid resin with a patented baked-on paint finish.   With the appearance of a quality wood shutter, Polywood won’t warp, crack, split or peel under the pressures of time, heat or moisture.

Polywood also receives high marks for its green qualities.  Made from a recyclable synthetic material that is a by-product of natural gas, Polywood provides homeowners with an earth-friendly option when decorating the home.

Polywood also has the ability to reduce monthly heating and cooling costs in any home.  While blinds and drapes can block out a small part of the cold and heat outside, the Polywood shutter’s inner core is made from materials that act as an insulator, helping block out extreme temperatures and the sun’s damaging rays.

David Mintz of Boston installed Sunburst’s Polywood shutters throughout his entire house and has since experienced a significant drop in his heating and cooling bills.  “Bottom line, Polywood shutters have been an amazing investment for our home,” said Mintz.  “We have had them for the past two years, and we spend approximately 20 percent less on power bills each year.”

Sunburst customers across the country agree: Polywood shutters provide the perfect combination of form and function.

“When we were looking for window treatments, we wanted something beautiful, but also with the added benefits we couldn’t get from blinds or drapes,” says Falcone.  “We are completely satisfied with our entire Sunburst experience, and having shutters installed is one of the best investments we could have made for our home.”

Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions offers a variety of window treatments, including its signature product, the Polywood Shutter®.  Customers are invited to visit the Sunburst showroom at 6480 W. Flamingo, Suite D, call 367-1600, or visit  Sunburst offers a complimentary in-home design consultation can now boast the best customer service in town.

About Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions
Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions is headquartered in Las Vegas and has retail stores and dealers in approximately 75 cities across the country.  It has been in business since 1978  and has sold more than six million shutters.  In addition to shutters, the company offers a full line of window treatments, including blinds, shades, draperies and window films.