Sunburst Shutters Helps You Support Earth Day Every Day

April 1, 2006 1:06 pm Published by

Install Polywood Shutters as an alternative to wood

(LAS VEGAS, Nev.)—Home décor products can be both beautiful and good for the environment.  Sunburst Shutters has the solution with The Polywood® Shutter – interior shutters made from an energy-efficient, recyclable synthetic product that is a substitute for wood.

Reducing the amount of energy used and the amount of products that destroy natural resources is the premise for Earth Day, celebrated across the globe on April 22.

Sunburst’s Polywood® Shutter achieves both of these goals. Polywood is made from an engineered wood substitute that has the appearance of real wood without the problems often associated with wood including warping, cracking and splitting as a result of age and exposure to heat and cold.

Unlike other synthetic shutters, Polywood is a solid material with a baked-on paint finish.  Polywood shutters look so much like real wood that most homeowners cannot tell the difference. In addition to being a beautiful addition to any home, Polywood is also good for the environment and uses few natural resources.

“In making a real wood shutter, more than 50 percent of a tree is wasted before it even gets to your window,” says Dix Jarman, CEO of Sunburst Shutters.  “The Polywood shutter is made from a recyclable wood substitute and a by-product of natural gas, not a petroleum-based product.”

Not only are Polywood shutters safe for the environment, but they have been tested and proven to be 70 percent more energy-efficient than wood shutters. This beautiful window treatment helps homeowners save money on power bills and reduce their home’s overall energy consumption.

“During the past five years that we have had Polywood shutters in our home, the cost of power in Las Vegas has gone up and up,” says Kelly Wagner, Las Vegas resident.  “We have noticed that with Polywood shutters on every window, instead of going up with the rate increases, our heating and air conditioning costs have stayed the same.”

Phoenix resident Chad Taylor agrees.  “Once I took down my blinds and replaced them with Sunburst Shutters,” Taylor said, “you could feel an immediate difference in the temperature of the room.”

Polywood is proof that earth-friendly home products can also be beautiful.  The real-wood look and classic, clean finish of Polywood shutters compliments almost any décor, from traditional to contemporary.

“Since there were no visible differences between Polywood and painted wood shutters, we chose Polywood for its other qualities,” said Wagner. “Our shutters not only look good but they are so easy to take care of and will not warp or turn yellow in the harsh summer sun.”

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