Reclaimed Wood Shutters

Reclaimed Wood Shutters

Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions offers the first-ever plantation shutter made from certified reclaimed wood. Rustic reclaimed wood from barns and buildings across America was hand-picked to be used as your custom shutters. The wood is gorgeous, with a color and finish only Mother Nature can provide. The result is unbelievable beauty for your windows in a fully functional shutter featuring weathered wood. Sunburst's Reclaimed Wood Shutters are available in 3.5˝ louvers with standard shutter frame options. Wherever you use reclaimed wood shutters, you'll be amazed at how stunning they look and the never-ending compliments you'll receive.

Color by Mother Nature

Reclaimed Wood Shutters colorsThe colors of reclaimed wood shutters from Sunburst are the result of nature. Each board weathers differently and thus, colors will range from light beige to nearly black.

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