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Shutter Recycling Program

If Polywood customers ever want to change their window coverings, Sunburst Shutters offers a program to keep Polywood out of landfills. A customer simply removes their shutters and calls Sunburst to arrange a pick-up. Sunburst will take the shutters and re-use them or re-grind them for use in future Polywood shutters, keeping them out of landfills.

Here are the steps for scheduling a pick up:

  1. Confirm that the shutters are Polywood from Sunburst Shutters. We don’t have equipment to recycle any other shutter material.
  2. Remove the shutters from your windows. This is done at your expense.
  3. Call 877-SUNBURST to schedule a pick up. Our store manager will ask you to place the shutters on the curb on a date they are available to pick them up.

That’s it. There’s no cost to you, and together we’re helping the environment.

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