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See what our customers and business partners are saying about Sunburst Shutters. Get firsthand accounts of our company, products, and people from homeowners across the country. Sunburst Shutters’ clients include homeowners, interior designers,  home improvement enthusiasts, builders, retail chains, and internet stores across the country. Our  plantation shutters have been installed in homes, condominiums, hotel-resorts, offices, boats, spas, casinos and more.

Debbie, Houston, Tx

This company is fabulous. I have been a client for 10 plus years. They not only have a great product, they stand behind it 100%. They have my business for life.

  • Debbie, Houston, TX


I absolutely recommend Sunburst Shutters. Best company to deal with.  On a scale of 1 to 5, I rate them a 6!

  • Debbie, Cleveland, OH

Maureen, Orlando, FL

Just wow!! If you want to invest in your house, shutters is the way to go! The services and the product were just amazing. They were on point with schedule and delivery and installation. I will definitely buy again from Sunburst shutters.

  • Maureen, Orlando, FL

Tracey, Jacksonville, FL

These shutters definitely add value, security, and the ultimate finishing touch to my new home. This is every homeowner’s dream come true!

  • Tracey, Jacksonville, FL

Susan, Phoenix, AZ

I am extremely happy with the look of my house with Sunburst Shutters. It looks like a new house! I have been telling everyone to call Sunburst Shutters. You are truly the best!!!

  • Susan, Phoenix, AZ

Steven, Jacksonville, FL

I wanted to let you know that the product looks great but the service was exceptional! Kevin was great to work with and Denny was phenomenal. Both very knowledgeable and professional, Denny was very helpful, neat and a pleasure to have in my home. When I purchase more shutters it will be from Sunburst because of the interaction I had with the Sunburst team….that includes you.

  • Steven, Jacksonville, FL

Richard, Henderson, NV

It has beautified our home and has also had some insulation value as well. Although we had estimates from several other shutter companies, we chose Sunburst because of your national reputation and because of your lifetime warranty. I quickly discovered that your lifetime warranty was not just an advertisement ploy – it was an honest statement.

  • Richard, Henderson, NV

Paul, San Antonio, TX

I love the design of Sunburst shutters. Polywood gives my home a rich look that stands the test of time. These shutters will last forever.

  • Paul, San Antonio, TX

Natalie, Las Vegas, NV

I cannot tell you enough how much we love our shutters. We knew we needed an upgrade and were looking forward to the refresh and the “no fading.” We had no idea how much we would love them. Our upstairs is significantly cooler and when it was nice outside, we loved our different options in opening our shutters. We cannot wait to do more in the rest of our house!

  • Natalie, Las Vegas, NV

Kelly, Las Vegas, NV

We are in the process of looking at other homes to buy, and one of our main criteria is if they have Sunburst shutters installed – I know that if they aren’t Polywood they will crack and fade to yellow. Any home we have in the future will have Sunburst shutters.

  • Kelly, Las Vegas, NV

Jeanne, Sun City, AZ

We saw Sunburst’s Polywood shutters years ago and liked the clean classic look they created. Several years later, it’s clear they were worth the investment.

  • Jeanne, Sun City, AZ

George, NY

Both my wife and I are extremely Satisfied with the product Sunburst Shutters offers but mostly wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was having such kind and professional representatives working with us.  This was a large project having all our windows in our entire home including our glass sliding doors covered with shutters. Your professionalism and experience was a big help through the entire project and was very much appreciated making the end results that much more gratifying. During our installations, Steve took the time and made sure everything was done to our satisfaction and would not leave our home until that was fully achieved. With your busy schedules and long distance travel both Steve and Kristine were always communicating with us to accommodate our schedules and had us fully done before the Christmas holidays as we so much desired. Michelle and I both feel you went above and beyond expectation to satisfy us and we couldn't be more pleased.  We thank you very much for such a satisfying experience and look forward to highly recommending your company in the future.

  • George, NY

Dinna, La Grange, IL

My sister has Sunburst Shutters in her house and when I saw them, I fell in love with them. They are a beautiful addition to our home.

  • Dinna, La Grange, IL

Dan, Las Vegas, NV

We really enjoyed our relationship with Sunburst. From the first visit to your showroom to the last follow up phone call. We have been totally impressed with the professionalism and courtesy your staff provided.

  • Dan, Las Vegas, NV

Colleen, Kapolei, HI

We saw them in a neighbor’s home and had to have them. There’s nothing comparable to the look of Sunburst Shutters – they definitely add value to our home. We are so excited!

  • Colleen, Kapolei, HI

Cindy, Franklin, TN

We're very excited about our Sunburst shutters because they have a great reputation. Our friends have told us Sunburst Shutters make the best shutters in the business, and now our home has the best.

  • Cindy, Franklin, TN

Ana, Santa Ana, CA

I love the beauty, convenience and privacy that Sunburst Shutters give my home. The shutters give a special look to our home, and certainly make us feel special. I recommend to everyone I know, because everyone deserves the best. Thank you Sunburst Shutters.

  • Ana, Santa Ana, CA

Audrey @AudreyCrispInteriors

Kimball was amazing to work with and very helpful! The process was smooth and timely! The quality is amazing! I highly recommend them! 

Jenny @FinishingTouchDecorByJenny

I am so loving my Polywood Shutters from Sunburst! They not only look good but they are good... good for the environment in that they are totally recyclable and use no wood, but who “wood” ever know?! (No pun intended!) Overall, they have added the perfect finishing touch to our home.

Kathy @TheDailyNest

I have Sunburst Shutters in almost every room of my home! And let me tell you what a great addition they are! They are beautiful, durable, timeless and a real statement to our home! I can’t say enough about Sunburst Shutters as a company! They are so professional and easy to work with! They’re not pushy sales people just trying to make a sale! They truly want to please you and will go out of their way to make you a satisfied customer! How many companies can you say that about? I highly recommend them for all your window needs!

  • Kathy @TheDailyNest

Meaghan @MeaghanBMurphy

I have a legit Sunburst Shutters OBSESSION! They are now officially in every room of my home after I recently (gasp) took down expensive custom curtains that simply couldn’t compare to the lasting luxury of Polywood. This magical product doesn’t fade, traps heat in the winter, keeps the house cool in the summer, plus, there’s no cords to get tangled or fabric patterns to tire of. My next purchase will be a Sunburst barn door for my bathroom reno. So excited!


Melonie Graves- @TheMellionaireHouse

I absolutely LOVE my shutters! I'd wanted shutters from the moment we purchased our new home, but was told by a different company that if I got them, I wouldn't be able to clean my windows properly because they have to "pop-in" to remove the screen. But then along came Sunburst Shutters; They customized a frame for me that would allow me to continue to thoroughly clean my windows, AND enjoy the sophisticated beauty that the shutters provide. I only got one window and door done to start, but will be using them again next year to complete the rest of the house. Great customer service, and a great company.

Pamela @HomeOnFernHill

I am so in love with my shutters!! The customer service has been amazing- our installer was prompt, efficient and super clean! I have them in my bedroom and they block out every bit of light. Definitely hooked and want them throughout my entire home!!

Rochelle @Turquoise_Lifestyle

What’s my favorite update to our coastal-farmhouse style home? Our new Polywood shutters from Sunburst! We love these plantation shutters so much that we’ve put them in nearly every room of the house. They are top notch in energy-efficiency; keeping our summers cooler and winters warmer...Doesn't get much better than that!

Sandra Mijan @SandraMijan

I have been a Sunburst Shutters customer since 2006. Since then we have installed them in two homes of our own, my parents and in-laws homes as well. Over the years,  I’ve been recommending Sunburst to all of my interior design clients. They truly are the best quality out there and for a piece of your mind they have lifetime warranty! Sunburst shutters change the face of your home, and their functionality is incomparable to anything else; because they keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I love Sunburst Shutters and I highly recommend them!!!


Terri @SimplyFrenchMarket

I am in love with my Sunburst Shutters. They are everything I wanted and more-Adding another layer of character to my home!  Brady was great to work with and had them installed in no time. I now have them in my bedroom, bathroom, sun room and family room. Highly recommend!!!

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