Timberland Shutters

Timberland Shutters:
Beautiful poly shutters with a wood stain finish

Timberland Shutters are an innovative product from Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions. Timberland is a poly shutter with all the benefits of a non-wood product: no possibility of cracking, splitting, fading, etc. But unlike poly shutters, Timberland comes in wood stain finishes. You can choose from a Chestnut stain color or a Dark Walnut—both look amazing and can fit a variety of decorating styles. Both stain finishes look like real wood but last like poly. It’s the best of both worlds.


  • Timberland Shutters color option ChestnutTimberland Shutters color option Dark WalnutColors
    Timberland Shutters come in Chestnut and Dark Walnut colors. These wood stain colors allow you to have the beauty of a wood finish, with all the benefits of a poly shutter. 
  • Sizes and Shapes
    Our Timberland Shutters are perfect for standard windows—squares and octagons. The size of the window is not an issue—we can fit Timberland shutters over large and small windows with ease.
  • Frame Styles
    Sunburst Shutters offers an L frame and Z frame that fit all types of windows. Your Sunburst representative will show you the best shutter frame options for your windows.
  • Louver Size
    Sunburst Shutters louvers come in two sizes: 4.5” for maximum view and minimum cleaning and the traditional 3.5” plantation size. Our experts consider the Timberland louver sizes you like best in designing your window shutters. They'll discuss which of the shutter louver sizes fits the room’s style during your consultation.

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