When to change out window treatments

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Shutters in the kitchenKnowing when to change out window treatments in your home can be a challenge. Every window treatment and home is unique. Here are some general guidelines you can follow to know when to kick your window treatments to the curb and replace them with a window treatment that better fits your home.

Your Window Treatments Are Worn Or Broken

Replace old shutters with beautiful polywood shuttersBroken or torn window treatments not only reflect poorly on your space. They also make it hard to retain your privacy and control the light entering your room. If your blinds can’t properly move due to broken wand or if your curtains are torn or moth-stained then it’s time for a replacement.

Some window treatments are more durable than others and so consider replacing your old window treatments with a higher quality product like Polywood Shutters® rather than flimsy blinds.

Your Window Treatments Are Dated

If your home has window treatments from the 70s or 80s then it’s time to catch up to current styles. Dark, heavy curtains are on the out while lighter, cleaner lines are more popular. And with the rise of minimalism, crisp clean lines are more popular than window treatments with accents like tassels.

When upgrading your window treatments, consider classic window treatments with neutral colors and lines that are timeless.

You Want to Remodel or Do a Redesign

Remember new shutters when you remodelYour old window treatments may have served their time well with your old décor, paint, and furniture. But if you’re recently done a remodel or redesign then your old window treatments may feel out of place. Update your window treatments so that they fit in with your new design or color scheme.

You Need More Energy Efficiency

Some window treatments offer more than just looks. They can save you energy on your bills since heat is lost through your windows. If your energy bills keep rising then consider upgrading your window treatments to energy efficient options such as Polywood shutters or cellular shades.

Turn To Sunburst For A New Change

When it’s time for a change, we’re here to help you replace the old and bring in the new. Call 877-786-2877 to talk to your local experts, or use the form below to get a free consultation and learn which window treatments work best for you.

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