Why Home Designers Love Reclaimed Wood Shutters For Windows

March 16, 2017 12:54 pm Published by

One of the first things home designers fall in love with when they see reclaimed wood shutters is their rustic look. Window shutters made from reclaimed wood are stunning. It’s artwork on a window. And who wouldn’t want that?

That’s not the only reason home designers love reclaimed wood shutters for windows. It’s the also the fact that it’s an upcycled window treatment!

Reclaimed wood shutters for windows are environmentally friendly. Our exclusive partnership with Stikwood, an FSC certified company, lets us offer certified reclaimed wood shutters throughout the country. Wood from fallen fences, old barns, rundown buildings, and more is reused to form planks for window shutters. This process of upcycling materials makes reclaimed wood shutters a window treatment with a unique personality – a story.

Every time your eyes glance over a hole or your fingers run through a mark, you are transported to a simpler time and place. And when you’re looking to add a calm and restorative element to the room, the natural style of reclaimed wood brings you both.

Designing With Reclaimed Wood Shutters

We’ve worked with numerous home designers when creating these beautiful – and at the same time, functional – reclaimed wood shutters. They love the fact that window shutters that operate so smoothly can be made from upcycled wood planks. And home designers know exactly how to incorporate them into a room’s design.

Designing with reclaimed wood shutters is easy. Pair the shutters with a modern sofa and minimalist decor, and you have a contemporary living room. Or go for more of a vintage look with a tufted couch and walls lined with bookcases. No matter how you combine your style with reclaimed wood shutters, the individuality of the wooden louvers shines through – and reflects yours!

Ask A Local Design Pro About Reclaimed Wood Shutters For Windows

Certified reclaimed wood shutters are exclusively offered through our local Sunburst Shutters stores. Use our search tool to locate the shutters expert nearest you. They will be more than happy to schedule you for a free in-home consultation. During this consultation, they will bring samples of reclaimed wood so you can see and feel the natural curvature, holes, marks, and color variations that are hallmarks of this upcycled window treatment. Get started on designing with reclaimed wood shutters today!

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